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In some ways, I have been a coach for a long time; since I was young, I have been magnetized to human behavior and psychology and knew I wanted to work with people. But, like is often the case, my path to discovering this intersection of my passion and skills took a few turns and bumps before getting to this point. 

I chose to study International Relations at university because I had an ambition to dedicate my life to diplomacy and politics, however, after some time, I felt that politics wasn't the right fit for me. On the way, I have lived and studied in five different countries, which shaped me into a tolerant, curious and easy-going person with a knack for getting along with and listening to people with vastly different backgrounds

After my studies, I devoted many years to teaching, leading seminars for young people and volunteering. During this time, I distilled and implemented my main values: knowledge, honesty, transparency, balance and clarity. 

In 2019, I made a decision to deepen my knowledge in brain studies and coaching. I now see that I was combining my values with my skills. To do so, I did a Master's degree in Neuropsychology and mindfulness which gave me the right skillset to understand our nervous system and the most mysterious organ, the brain. I've also done several ICF coaching courses in order to be able to work with individuals and teams of companies and enterprises according to the coaching standards of the most reputable coaching association in the world. 

Choosing this path made me feel fulfilled and rewarded as I have been receiving lots of positive feedback from my clients. As for me, personally speaking, this journey has been all about self-development and mastering my acceptance and love for this world.



Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied.

I've always been keen on learning and sharing my knowledge with others. Here you can see what qualifications I've got.

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