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Di truly is a professional. She is tactful, respectful, and amicable. Time flies with her, because she keeps the process of reflection going, never judges, and always asks the right questions. The very questions are deep and get you thinking and reflecting on your goal. In my case, the goal was to essentially find my goal and what to do in the near future. In just an hour, Di guided me to my next steps without giving single advice, but by encouraging me to find the answer myself.



I want to thank you for our session, for how easy and pleasant it was to communicate with you. This safe space was really important in the process of searching for answers within myself. I also liked working with the help of metaphorical cards, they helped me connect with myself tremendously. 


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The session was incredibly useful and fruitful to hear my own chaotic thoughts but in a well-organized manner so that I myself could understand it better and have the whole image. What is even more fascinating is that Dinara provided me with a clear and accurate description of my thoughts. What's more, having experienced a lot of psychotherapeutic and coaching sessions, this one was surely one of the best in terms of the benefit I got from that


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